Team, how’s it going on this fine Wednesday (or whichever day you decide to take the time to read this)? As you can imagine, working in wine and food, I get asked a lot of the same sorts of questions. Which by the way, I never EVER get bored of answering. Simply because, invariably, every answer I give tends to be different. When it comes to wine, one size definitely does not fit all. A question that has popped into my inbox recently though, on a number of occasions is this:

“Scott, I love light and easy drinking fruity red wines such as Pinot Noir and Merlot. Is there anting else I should or could be trying that are similar?”

Now, before I tear apart the use of the word fruity (which I HATE), I adore this question because the simple answer is yes. There are about 5,000 other wines you could be trying in reality, so set aside 4 months of your life and get through them all. In an ideal world, yes, this would be the way to go. So, onto that word fruity then – (rant alert). Not only is wine made from fruit, but 99% of wines made on our fair planet are fruity, so how on earth do you differentiate one from another? I have plenty of content over on Instagram that’ll help you discover more on this. Follow this link if you’re reading on a mobile device or…

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So, what this post will do, is answer this question. I will give you a handful of ‘old favourite’ and ‘familiar’ wines that you probably know well and provide some alternative wines that are identical in style, but ones that you may not have tried before – of which you MUST. Savvy? Ok. Here goes:

OLD FAVOURITE – Cabernet Sauvignon (Anywhere in the world) – full on Vin Diesel style power, dark fruits, heavy tannins, bold, rustic, ripe and ready for a plate of savagely rich nosh.

NEW BANGER – Touriga Nacional (Portugal) – full on The Rock style power (bigger grunt but softer in nature), dark fruits, bit smoother on the old tannins, still bold, long lasting, juicy and squidgy fruits. Rascal with a plate of savagely rich nosh.

OLD FAVOURITE – Pinot Noir (Anywhere in the world) – light, juicy and crunchy red fruits, soft and silky tannins, smooth, ripe, fleshy and a delight on a sunny afternoon. ‘Jazz hands‘ good when chilled.

NEW BANGER – Bardolino (Verona, Italy) – Ok, so not exactly ‘new’ but definitely a wine that not a lot of people know about. Light bodied, jammy red fruits, little spice sometimes, super soft tannins and because of the location and soil, amazing savouriness (think almonds and hazelnuts). Oh, and when chilled, well, just give it a go yeah!

OLD FAVOURITE – Merlot (Anywhere in the world) – medium to full bodied, plummy, stewed fruits, dark berries, chunky tannins (not too rough, but enough to make you lick your teeth), easy to drink, goes down like a lead ballon.

NEW BANGER – Marselan (Languedoc in SW France, some in California) – medium bodied, fleshy red fruits (plus some naughty blueberry and cranberry flavours), dark in colour and quite high alcohol, despite this, it’s so smooth, it makes silk feel like gravel. Oosh

I have loads more on this subject, so feel free to holla at me. Don’t ask, don’t get right? Hope this helps you to try a few new wines over the next few weeks. Remember too, if you enjoy any of the OLD FAVOURITES above, then you will absolutely adore the NEW BANGERS. That’s the whole point.

Leverage your beverage team!


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