Wines+Bites+Beats was born out of an idea back in 2014 that wine should be seen more than just a liquid that makes us a little squiffy. It should be part of pop culture as we knew it. It should be inclusive and not exclusive and be rid of all the snoberry and bumfluffery that all too often went with it. So, I decided to take my major passion and knowledge for wine to a friend’s house for a little experiment that I had been thinking about for about a year at that point. I arrived with my decks, mixer and a handful of records, all selected with a purpose in mind. To show my mates that when they sipped on some wine that listening to certain styles of music in the background could enhance their experience of the wine. It changed the game! I then thought that having little bites of food at the same time would be even more amazing.

Fast forward to today, I now design and host wine tasting experiences for people to enjoy in their own homes.

I have been in the wine trade for 14 years and been around the ‘booze block’ – sat through many (many) exams in order to be qualified to as high a level as possible and tasted a hell of a lot of wines over the years. A seasoned guzzler, that’s for certain.

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